Join us for a weekend of fun and hacking. As always, we'll be running mini-events, workshops, and more to keep you entertained. We'll keep everything themed around food this weekend. Can't wait to see what you cook up.


The following details are mandatory to have in your final submission:

  1. Name: Name of the Project.
  2. Title: Write a short on-point caption or a small description.
  3. The problem it solves: Describe what people use it for, or how it makes existing tasks easier/safer, etc.
  4. Inspiration: Tell us what led you to work on this idea, and why you choose this idea. Share your story with us.
  5. Technologies I used: Share which technologies you used in your hack as well as how you used them (this will be critical in any sponsored prizes).
  6. GitHub repo: We will need the GitHub repository for your project to verify your code-base and work through the weekend. (Projects from selected no code/low code platforms will be allowed to submit without a GitHub repo. Please check the Rules section to learn more).
  7. Video Demo: Add a video up to 2 minutes long showing a working demo of the project. The video must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and can be kept either unlisted or public (should not be private).

Hackathon Sponsors


403,850 in prizes

Daedalus' Reward

Internship Opportunity + Swags + ShoutOut + Project Showcase!

Icarus's Reward (4)

Team that have worked their to the top 4 will get an access to the Internship Opportunity from CPP Secrets.

Sawo Labs

100$ Prize to winning team
Goodies & Certificate.
1-month free Inaugurate Tier access
Feature in Blogs & Articles
SAWO funds 100% of the Playstore / App store subscription fee for the best mobile apps.
SAWO funds 100% of the hosting fee for the best web-apps
Job/Internship Opportunities.


Internship Opportunities for the winner of the Rahee challenge

Swags for the winning team if they use - Tshirt + 100$ USD Amazon Gift card.

Shoutout from the community - Developer Spotlight on those who build with

KoII (2)

- First Prize - $1000 USDT
- Second Prize - $500 USDT
- 100 KOII - Most pull requests on Atomic NFT
- 100 KOII - Everyone who adds a new standard to Atomic NFT

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Aanchal Mishra

Aanchal Mishra
Student Community Intern at POSTMAN

Aman Mittal

Aman Mittal
Developer Advocate at Draftbit

Anna Godfrey

Anna Godfrey
Public Relations Manager at KOII

Bhargav Joshi

Bhargav Joshi
Community Manager at Coding Minutes

Jen Looper

Jen Looper
Cloud Developer Advocate Lead at Microsoft

Rishit Dagli

Rishit Dagli
TF Certified Developer

Ronak Sakhuja

Ronak Sakhuja
Software Engineer at Microsoft

Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams
Community Manager at Microsoft

Sandeep Singh

Sandeep Singh
Community lead at KOII

Eric Giannini

Eric Giannini
Lead Developer Advocate

 Akanksha Bhasin

Akanksha Bhasin
Community Evangelist

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    Does the project bring innovations in design and create comfortable user experiences?
  • Originality
    Does the project attempt to solve a previously unsolved problem?
  • Usefullness
    Does the project stand as an individual end-to-end product?
  • Complexitiy
    Is it a functioning solution that can scale in the real world?

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